Improvements and regressions

User Rating: 7 | Football Manager 2014 PC

SI have improved the overall UI and the management of the team off the pitch. Staff members are now smarter and there are more options of how to interact with them. Transfers and contracts have more clauses and the overall feeling is that the management of the team feels a lot more complete as compared to previous editions.

Where the game fails is in the match engine. Last year's release saw an inordinate number of medium and long-term injuries. I remember getting an injury almost every second or third match, which doesn't quite seem right. That particular pain point has been fixed with the frequency of injuries coming down and the nature of injuries typically being short-term injuries. However, what's regressed is the set-piece engine. Your team will concede a lot of goals from corners. A quick scan of the internet seems to confirm that I am not the only one with this issue. A lot of people are complaining that the match engine gives a lot of goals via corners. The only remedy seems to be to keep the match preparation training on "Defend Set Pieces", which gave me some respite for a few games, but at the cost of drying up my goals. I mean, you can't keep your team training to defend set pieces forever. The moment I started training them for something else, I went and conceded 3 goals off corners and indirect free kicks.