Great football managerial experience!

User Rating: 10 | Football Manager 2013 PC
I am a huge Football manager fan for long time now. It would seem that releasing a new game every year like COD series it would not make it that special, but sigames just manages to do that year after year. Improving detail levels, game model, updating databases feel fresh and besides that also graphics levels are getting better and better every year. Besides that there are 2 new big features in this years addition which make it more interesting than ever before. You have the shortened FM Classic game type for people who want to finish the season quicker than usual and also a "Challenge" mode to try your skills in saving a broken down club and put it out of relegation. It is interesting to explore the new additions to the game and there are also small perks for you to try out and explore in the FMC mode. There is still a lot of room for improvement and additional in-game implementation for years to come, with new features being suggested daily on the sigames forums and forums. The game is a must for any managerial type player who loves details or just enjoys football overall. The best in "the family", so far! :)