Good game.

User Rating: 9 | Football Manager 2012 PC
This game is really good filled with little features and everything you need to become the greatest manager of all time.

Some things should be put right like a proper online mode without having to use 3rd party software like Himachi.
The only other issue I have with this game is realism of the transfers and growth, they work well but there should be more realism to it, with transfers you can set payment to 48 months and you basically have unlimited transfer budget and with growth there should be an option to set everyone training schedule up instead of clicking on everyone player by player what takes a while if you have a big squad.

But on the whole a great game with limitless play time and endless amounts of different things to do. With so many things to do you do often wonder where has the time gone.

I would give the game about a 9/10 because of the great detail that is in the game with only a few minor setbacks.