[U]Patch 1030 makes things better. Why don't S.I. offer different difficulties to players? It loses the fun of the game.

User Rating: 7 | Football Manager 2010 PC
[Update] After installing the patch 1030, I finally get fun as a football manager.
However, I only add 0.5 to the score. I don't hope to enjoy perfect experience through installing patches. The following is my complaint about version 1000.

Do you observe that the number of player playing football manager is decreasing? Why?

Frankly, the appearance of Football Manager 2010 is great. The new skin, new font and new panel are great and comfortable. At the outset, I'm moved because I think that S.I fanally lowers the threshold of FM. You only set tactics through adjusting various bars and arrows in the past, and now S.I cancels the arrwos and add a basic panel into the game. You can adjust your tactics more easily by using this panel. Of course, if liking the bars, you can choose the advanced panel which offer enough bars to you. I consider if taking advantage of the basic panel, I can get rid of numerous bars and play through it without the help of master's tactics packages. Unfortunately, I'm wrong.

When I go deep into the game, I find it's the same as last year's genre. Although being better than last year's game, 3D graphics and the action of player are still ridiculous. Furthermore, some glitches make you feel frustration. You don't count on the basic panel to keep you winning every match. Winning every match without much effort is the will of each light user. What gets the things worse is the unreasonable AI. While I break my unbeaten record, some weird things happend in the match. My Pippo and Pato start wasting opportunities, and Nesta even pass the ball to opponents. -.-b Is this so called reality? Well, I really don't like it.

FM is the king of reality, but the environment of game is changing. If you wanna to see more profits in your financial statements, you must take account of the light users's demand. FM is lack of interaction which attracts LUs, and the gameplay of it is boring, too. So, you can let LU who likes soccer win matches as much as possible.

Actaully, the developer may offer differnt difficulties, like day-dreaming, reality and nightmare, to various users. I don't really want to hear the death of FM.

Now, I only say:" Good luck!"