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User Rating: 9.5 | Football Manager 2010 PC
Gameplay: Simply put, the gameplay in Football Manager 2010 is the best it's ever been. There is nothing fundamentally different about it, I mean, it's Football Mangager. You manage a football team. What SI have done to make it stand out so much is the addition of some key features that propel the game forward far more than last year's version. Perhaps the biggest change comes into focus on matchday. The new tactics creator makes it all so much easier and quicker than it has been in the past. It guides you through the creation of a tactic from the ground up as you choose a formation, assign player roles and duties, etc. It's much more accessible than the old system of confusing sliders. If that weren't enough, you now have the option to make on-the-fly changes to your team's playing style with touchline shouts. Now, instead of tweaking the sliders for hours, you can just say, 'retain possesion' or 'pump the ball forward' and it's all done for you. Combining these instructions into different styles adds a new level of tactical depth that has never been felt before in FM.

Advice from your backroom staff is also a welcome addition. Your staff may suggest a new signing, inform you of a good tutoring partnership, tell you your team's ideal formation and much more. There is also now a pre-match analysis of the opposing team with hints on the ideal tactical approach. The gameplay as a whole feels more immersive now. In previous games it often felt lonely and overwhelming. That's all changed now and seems that it will only get better.

There are improvements to made however, most notably in dealing with the media and interacting with your players

Graphics: Football Manager has never been about stellar graphics. You can't fault the game for its 2D layout, but it has been known to present its massive amount of data in cluttered ways. This version has made a big step forward. The interface is more streamlined, sleek, and smoother than ever. The past couple versions of the game have come with a bright white skin known to singe your corneas. This time SI have included a nice dark skin with the game which makes it much easier to look at.

The match engine, whether it be in 2D or 3D mode is a joy to behold. It's the best yet, and a definite improvement over the 2009 game.

Sound: Not much here. The crowd makes some noise on match day. That's all.

Conclusion: Veterans and newbies alike will all find this game to be the most accessible and enjoyable sports management game to date. There's no reason for you to miss this one. Now get out there and bring home the glory.