Choose BAYERN MUNICH as your favorite team and spend the money wise

User Rating: 10 | Football Manager 2010 PC

I like soccer, so I play this on my notebook. At first time I'm playing and controlling Inter Milan, as my favorite team. It second position after the end of season, I know the database was old but it quite fun for me. I try update with update files from internet but it cannot run well or error. The next season I don't know why suddenly I sacked by the board, and cannot manage national team, sometime it look like bug here.

Then I manage Swindon team, it is very hard to get player or staff because the money is poor. After relegate I manage Alaves, it hard too, same. Maybe the AI need to reduce the difficulty, so I can manage with easily.

The menus was very well and complete, it perfect. The graphic was nice and looking great too. Just try and play this game at your computer, you will entertained and fun really well.