Best simulator of the genre

User Rating: 9 | Football Manager 2010 PC
Football Manager 2010 is even better than the 2009 version!
Besides the huge amount of information, such as players, clubs and leagues around the world, the game was innovative in several ways to further improve and ensure more hours of fun for the player.
New options such as the ability to pass instructions to the players in the middle of the game, which helps A LOT during the matches. The game still has a better 3D interface, including changes in climate that influence the matches.
There is also the possibility to meet with your staff to discuss issues relating to the club.
The game now has a sort of "Big Brother" player, which allows us to study his every step has led in every game and see where and in what sector it needs to improve in their training.
Menus are much "cleaner" and simpler than the old version, making it easier to handle the game.
Despite some minor bugs and lack of 3D animations, Football Manager still rules the world of football simulators.