Extremely addicting

User Rating: 9 | Football Manager 2010 PC
Okay theres a few small bugs, and its a little slow on my laptop (its lower end after all), but its sooooo worth putting up with it. Its the most realistic in the series so far, and so enjoyable. Being an Everton fan, just like in real life, I get to experience the emotional rollercoaster from hell!!! It has everything you want from a management game. Emotion, excitement, the tactics, right level of difficulty, downloadable transfer window information.....it all adds up to a great experience.

But if you want a game thats extremely addictive, destroys your social life, and you dont care if you all you get is a couple of hours sleep a night, and you spend your bedtime hours thinking about press conferences (guilty!), formations, what went wrong in matches, next transfer targets.........GET IT!! Its brilliant!!

Scary thing is, if Football Manager 2010 is this good, god only knows what FM2011 is going to be like. I just hope the annoying bugs and occaisional crashes are sorted for FM2011.