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User Rating: 9.5 | Football Manager 2010 PC
Few games make the time fly as fast as this footy management series and the latest addition to it is no different in that at least.
What´s different is other things, mostly for the better i think.
The latest one i played was the 00/01 game so i´ve missed some out on the releases in between.
I´ll keep the review short and sweet anyway.
The biggest change is that you actually can see the games played out now by well animated players on the field instead of just a text barbox to rely on for match progress and tactical decissions. Makes a huge difference.
Also your off field staff is of much more use now when it comes to scouting new players, prematch info and lots of other things to numerous to mention.
The game is much heavier on your system now though and to "just" be able to play with 3 countries leagues now feels a bit to little when it comes to players available for signing.
That´s the best i can come up with when it comes to criticism about the game and even that is not a valid one i think since i could upgrade my PC or just shut up and enjoy it.
The sound department though, that´s what they seem to have totally neglected and if that had been given a bit more attention i would gladly have given it a fully deserved 10 in review.
But what are you waiting for, go out and buy it and see your life vanish as you just need to do that little extra change before having dinnergo to sleep, walk your doggy or some other IRL stuff.