Will someone mind telling Sports Interactive that there is such a thing as too much information.

User Rating: 8.5 | Football Manager 2010 PC
Don't get me wrong. This game is growing on me, but I can't put in the same amount of time as I used to in previous version of the Football Manager as the multitude of options tires me out after just one game.

This may improve but I can't help but miss the "simpler" times of games gone by, but then again, this wasn't accurate, as this game proves.

Football Manager is the most complete managerial experience, and while the interaction with players and staff is simplified to a greater degree making you feel like this version is aimed at the casual gamer, the greater emphasis on tactics, and more intuitive interaction with the media seems to balance out the difficulty.

So don't expect to get through a time frame of about a week in the same speed (about 30 mins) as before with all these options to go through and I actually feel compelled to fine tune my tactics for the match ahead, interact with the staff and look to develop young talent in more detail than I did before.

The presentation and detail of the menus, players and stadiums are superb but I can't help wonder why they didn't do this the first time. Holding back for this version of course where we would feel compelled to buy the updated graphics, shame, but your forgiven.

Overall, the best so far, but it might take a while longer to realise this.