Who needs tackling when you can step on their heads instead

User Rating: 4 | Football 2600
This game is hilarious. I remember yelling at my brother "Imma step on you"...the defense was like way faster than the offense which was what kept the game in check otherwise there would have been a touchdown on every single play.

The graphics are blocky to the extreme (obviously) and the game was actually pretty fun for liek 5 or 10 mins at a time.

Still - no skill was required to win. It was just run the same exact play 100 times and score, i dont even remember a time not scoring, it was just whoever had the ball last would win.

So if you are looking for an awesome football sim this obvously is not it, but its a quick pick up game, its fun, but most of all its not made well and that's the problem. With a little more depth this could have been one of the better sports games at the time.