Best story i've seen in-game in years. The gameplay isn't bad aswell.

User Rating: 8.5 | FolksSoul: Ushinawareta Denshou PS3
So i've finally found a game that did not bore me enough to play until the very end.

First of all you get to play 2 characters, and you must reach some point of a game with both to be able to progress to final stage. Characters vary in fighting style, but general idea remains the same.

The gameplay mechanics are rather simple. First of all, you capture folks (monsters) to fight for you and defend you. You can upgrade each one of them 2-4 times, to powerup some of their stats. There are quite a lot of folks and some of them are actually similar, with only differences such as speed of attack and such.

Battle system... well it's basically just using your captured mosters. There's usually not much of a speed in battle, nevertheless, it did capture me and kept me interested 90% of gameplay time.

Game graphics aren't that special. Even though the environment is quite nice looking and the main characters look quite detailed. There's nothing in particular to "WOW" about.

Game story is probably the best thing about it (provided you don't get bored with gameplay).Simply put the game story unwraps as a mixture of present, past and conceptual world/time. It is a single unwraping mystery with some fantasy elements; It keeps getting better and better. Just as i though the "fantastical" mystery turned into a normal science-explained scene (closer to end of game), the game dropped off few extra surprises.

I am very happy with the game. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a convoluted story to blow their minds. However DO check out the gameplay videos. If you don't like the battles you will not enjoy the game.