Folklore is a truly underrated game of all.But it is the best Action RPG i have ever seen.

User Rating: 10 | FolksSoul: Ushinawareta Denshou PS3
Folklore was released in 2007(a long time ago) and it not very popular among gamers.

Folklore is a game that take note on the uses of creatures in battles that you acquire in battles.You can use any creatures in the game you defeated as your ally to battle.

Folklore make good use of the Sixaxis motion controller. Sixaxis motion controller in Folklore uses the drag motion,twist motion,upward pull motion and balance motion. Boss need different strategies to fight.These strategies can be acquire in the gameplay by finding so called "Picture Books" in the game.

Folklore consist of a very interesting story,stated to be the best of all PS3 games.Uncovering the twisted and mysterious history of a village of Doolin is exciting.

Folklore's graphics are beautiful.The art of the Netherworld is a worth watch.These includes the Fairy Realm,Undersea City,War Realm,Doolin Counterpart,Eternal Corridor,Hellrealm and the Netherworld Core(the most beautiful of all). The OST are good too.The OST gives a good atmosphere to the gamers during the gameplay.