Flying Dragon Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Extra Difficulty Modes

    At the Option Menu, press Left 20 times for Very Easy, and Right 20 times for Very Hard.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Getting ''???'s Z''

    At the title screen, while the ''Press Start'' icon is flashing and before the game cuts to the demo, press up on the control pad 20 times. Start the game and win a game in SD Circuit mode. You will get the ''???'s Z'' medicine as a prize every time. AFAIK, this is the only way to get this item.

    Contributed by: Skrybe 

  3. Duplicate Items

    First you must have two controller paks to do this trick and a game note on each.
    Start the game normally and go to the Treasure Box menu. Trade to the other pak the item you want to duplicate if it's not there already. Go to the Treasure Exchange option (if not there already). Take the controller pak that has the desired items out of the controller. Continue to trade. If a ''please insert the controller pak back into the controller'' message pops up (either during the trading or after exiting the Treasure Box menu), PRESS B! It will then ask whether you want to use a controller pak or not. say no. Save it just in case by going into the Tournament mode, then cancel out by pressing B. Reset the game. Put the controller pak back in. Voila! You should have a copy of the traded item in both game notes! It's very handy for the legendary items and the Ring of Genie....

    Contributed by: JayRod 

  4. Free rare items!

    This code is similar to the ???'s Z code. Press down twenty times at the title screen. Then go into the SD HIRYU mode and win a tournament. You will get a rare item when you do this.{I won a Mysterious Treasure and a Crown of Dragon King}.

    Contributed by: MChristiansen 

  5. Items for Suzaku and unlock Bokuchin, Ryumuao, and ten medals

    Type in QSF??[circle]B[spade]C~GJHCGL?[heart]?BKBV at Suzaku's password screen.

    Contributed by: BRynders 

  6. Platinum Fighters

    Select "SD Hiryu" Mode and fight in the circuit. Defeat a Platinum character to earn a medal. The platinum characters will be playable after all ten medals have been collected.

    Contributed by: freakunique 

  7. Rare Items

    In SD mode, go to the Treasure Menu. On the Status Screen, press down to view records. Enter passwords here to obtain items. (They will not show in the Item Book unless you trade them to another memory card, then trade them back.)

    KANETAH ? Stone
    UMABURA Album
    QIOROYC Armor of ???
    FUOUYR Armor of Dragon King
    RNETUYR Armor of Ryutentaisei
    GUOAM Armor of Satan
    SNISIAK Ball of Kaishinbosei
    BAMUKA Bracelet of Devil
    LPNAHC Champion Belt
    CUKOKNA Dark Dragon Claw
    JUKAYIH Devil's Secret Medicine
    PKAYZUK Feather of Kujakumyouyou
    DADURAG Garuda Feather
    ANOGUO Gold Dragon Claw
    EUOUOH Houou Feather
    TRADNUG Pike of Gundaritaisen
    MNIZAM Ring of Genie
    HITONI Robe of Life
    ZIGISUF Seven Wonders 6
    NNEKC Sword of ???
    OUOGIS Sword of Shigoutaitei
    IIUSIES Tears of Dragon

    Contributed by: Tim_Seraphim 

  8. Gold, Platinum, & Hidden Characters

    Enter these passwords in the password screen. The alternative versions are only available in VS mode by pressing up on the corresponding character.

    Effect Effect
    VITUKOB Bokuchin
    AZOSNAN Gold Bokuchin
    HIKONCN Gold Hayato
    WTSIKDS Gold Powers
    ACTGZZQ Gold Robonohana
    TATICBG Gold Ryuhi
    AKDYMSK Gold Ryumaou
    NIPSSLN Gold Shouryu
    SCSIPCI Gold Suzaku
    SHANARM Gold Wiler
    CHAPIVE Gold Yuka
    PGHKZKB Platinium Robo-No-Hana
    DECTOZA Platinium Ryuhi
    MLSMIZL Platinium Shouryu
    MOSUTTE Platinium Yuka
    BASWOO Platinum Bokuchin
    PECOMOB Platinum Hayato
    GZFHPDO Platinum Powers
    CCABNGK Platinum Ryumaou
    HPKAOAP Platinum Suzaku
    DNHEIMO Platinum Wiler
    ZRUKODM SD Ryumaou
    WORUKOD Virtual Ryumaou

    Contributed by: Jn_Ltd, Tim_Seraphim 

  9. Hidden Tournament

    Get 9 medals with any character to unlock the tournament.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 9 medals with any character. Ryumaou Tournament

    Contributed by: 3110684 

  10. Character Unlockables

    Complete the following tasks to get the hidden characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Defeat him in any game. Unlock Bokuchin
    Defeat him in the Ryumaou Tournament Unlock Ryumaou
    Complte SD Hiryu mode as Ryumaou several times until you receive the Skull of the Devil King prize. Unlock Virtual Ryumaou

    Contributed by: 3110684 

  11. Yuka's 4th Secret Buster

    It only works on the japanese version of this game.

    Effect Effect
    3IZUTAT Yuka's 4th Secret Buster

    Contributed by: Jn_Ltd 

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