Great PVP, PVE, great community, loads of fun!

User Rating: 10 | Flyff PC
I had fun with Flyff for 2 years now, and I STILL can't get enough of it! Two years ago there wasn't as much to do as there is now, but it was still great! And it's AMAZING! There are tons of classes and things to do while playing this game. Levelling should be your main priority until level 60, which will only take 3-4 days depending on how determined you are. Once you are level 60, you can have a war with other players. The main aspect of this game, and the reason it is called "Fly For Fun" is because the game gives players the ability to use flying boards and brooms to fly anywhere in the game. But flying isn't the main aspect of the game. It's just an additional feature to the amount of fun you will be having! The game is worth more than a try. There are lots of quests, armour, classes, skills, PVP and PVE action, many events, wars, and there is lots of land to explore! Every inch of land in Flyff is worth exploring, from a blue, lush landscape, to a red, deadly lava landscape, Flyff is sure not to disappoint. To anyone who hasn't played MMORPG's to hardcore gamers, this game suits everyone's style. Give it a try, never judge a book by it's cover.