Not so much a game but a relaxing experience that you will enjoy from beginning to end even if you don't like flowers

User Rating: 8 | flower PS3
Ever see a beautiful landscape on your computer either a screen saver or just a background image and you are either stuck at work or school or just home bored on a lazy Sunday and wish you could even for a few minutes just explore that landscape well this game is quite possibly the closest thing to it


There really isn't one its about bringing color to a city devoid of it that's about it


Well its pretty easy and literally anyone can play what you do is start out as a lone petal flowing in the wind and you then hold the "X" button and use the sixaxis to move around (via wind that you control) and you touch other flowers and they bloom and add a petal to your control soon you will have a huge wave of petals following you and a landscape that is full of life

Almost every level starts out with a bland dull brown looking landscape that can be in almost any game yet when you control that lone petal and touch other flowers the areas around the flowers bright up in amazing detail and you will be in awe over how beautiful it looks its just cool to see you bring color into this world that is devoid of it The only thing I can add is that the game is calming there is no time limit or will you ever run out of petals there is no sense of urgency or the quicker you are the better and you can't die (well I never did) its really more a interactive screen that makes the game sound boring...a interactive environment that comes to life with each flower you bloom that you will enjoy even on the most worst of days

The game only has a few flaws like the most common is the motion control is a bit iffy at spots, it is easy to get lost and take awhile to find that last flower you need to bloom, and finally some oddly placed invisible walls that make you go huh? why is it placed here?


One word amazing the game is extremely pretty and once again as I stated its pretty amazing to see a dull world be filled up with color just see gameplay videos and you will see why the graphics are amazing


One world also...calming the music is very serene and calming and adds to the overall atmosphere of the game and the wind sounds pretty good too


Calming, for a PSN game very very pretty, a unique experience, decent audio, the worlds you explore are just amazing, only 10 dollars, amazing to see you grow from a lone petal to a massive size of petals


Iffy controls in some spots, easy to get lost in the wonderful worlds, some oddly placed invisible walls, finding that last flower you need to bloom, the colorful world would and is a turnoff for some


This game is pretty good I liked it a lot its really a great unique experience that you won't forget just because its colorful and has flowers in it doesn't make it a bad game