Certainly an interesting piece of work with such a beautifully unique concept.

User Rating: 8 | flower PS3
Flower is more of an experience than a game per se. I guess it feels more like a game if you're a trophy whore. lol Otherwise, this is an experience in nature, it's destruction and it's redemption.

The game starts off beautiful enough but sooner than later technology starts to pop onto the landscape deteriorating the beautiful landscapes. What once was perfect and pristine is now a place hampered by the creations of man. In time things get all the worst as power structures and power lines dot the landscape. It is clear that man has taken over.

It is your job in Flower to help capture the beauty by traversing the terrain(s) and seeking out the flowers within each of six areas. You will find the entire experience quite peaceful in most places until it is your turn to try and restore things.

This is definitely a unique piece of work and one that can stand on its own in its uniqueness. There are virtually no other games like this one and not many that can draw you in emotionally as well.

It's definitely worth the money and something you won't forget even though the game play is short.

Enjoy it!