Flower is an emotional ride that will touch your heart.

User Rating: 9 | flower PS3
Flower may not be a game that you will need to come fully loaded and ready to dish out a whooping, but instead a roller-coaster of an experience that taps into your every emotion. Well, maybe not every emotion but 1 point for me for trying to sound smart!

As the wind you will freely venture through the open fields and pathways helping every flower that you come across to blossom and bring life to a colorless world. It is that simple. Using the Six Axis controls you will lead and guide the wind collecting as many flower petals as possible, opening paths along the way to progress through the level to reaching your final destination. It's simplicity may seem pointless, but it is the experience that is important.

As you flow freely as the wind you will be followed by a calming melody that intertwines with gorgeous and beautiful graphics. Even on the PS3 main menu I could highlight Flower's icon and just lay there and listen to the music as I fall asleep. It is that soothing. I found myself many times as I progressed through the game left in awe and feeling emotional at certain parts. Flower is artistic and meant to stir your emotions.

The Six Axis controls took a little bit getting used to because I haven't played many games with it before, but it doesn't take long to catch on. I would complain that the game is too short, but it depends in what you were looking for; what sort of experience you were aiming to gain from it.

Flower is not an action packed game that will quench your thirst for hardcore gaming, but it's a very soothing artistic title that will touch your heart and soul.