Well worth the just under £7 I paid.

User Rating: 9.5 | flower PS3
When I first laid my eyes on this game, I have to admit I was very interested in it. Normally I would play games that involve beating the living you-know-what out of everything, but to be honest, those kind of games do bore me after playing them long enough. If you ask me, games like Flower are definitely a change of pace from those games.

First off, the obvious: the graphics. The graphics absolutely gorgeous, it is actually quite surprising what graphics in CGI movies and games are like compared to the good old classics. This game is incredibly vibrant in both light and dark colours and it uses these colours to express emotion and what the world is really like.

Now the gameplay. Yes, the game is quite short and the controls can be tedious to some. But when you look at the trophies and what you have to do for them, the trophies are what really keep you busy when playing the game.

Another thing about this game that makes it just amazing is it's soundtrack. The soundtrack really does help make this game worth buying and playing because its very nice to listen to and I personally think it helps with concentration and relaxation.

In the end, I say that this is a game that you can play just to take a break from what you normally play because a little change really doesn't hurt. The game is quite short but makes up for it in pure relaxation.