Flower isn't really a game, it's an experience, and it's one you shouldn't miss.

User Rating: 8 | flower PS3
Flower, I really didn't expect much from this title, I mean the name alone just makes it sound dull.. I was dead wrong.

The basic premise of the game is too control flower petals and guide them thru others flowers in the scenery, making them bloom in the process and bring life into what seems a desolate and grim place.
Score: 7/10

It has a great implementation of the PS3's Sixaxis controls, best I've ever experienced.(Not that there's some stiff competition) But still the controls are way more responsive than what I thought they would be. You only have to tilt your controller and press any button to gain speed (control wind.)
Score: 8.5/10

The game looks great, and it looks even better considering its a PSN game. The flowers bloom nicely, and the scenery feels artistic at times. Making you want to stop and just enjoy the view.
Score: 9/10

The music just steals the show, it is as serene as can be. Making the game feel that much enriched and artistic. It is plainly an incredible score.
Score: 9.5/10

Lasting Appeal:
Now this is where the game crashes and burns, it is only 6 levels long, making you breeze thru the game in an hour or less! Sure all 6 levels, look play and feel amazing, but once you finished not much reason to go back, except for the trophies.
Score: 6/10

-Great graphics
-Amazing music and sound
-A one of a kind game

-Incredibly short
-No online or multiplayer component

This game should not be missed, it's one of the best PSN games, definetly top 5. And it is an experience you shouldn't let me tell you about, you should experience it yourself.
Final Score: 8/10