Flower is a philosphical game with interesting mechanics

User Rating: 9 | flower PS3
Flower is interesting game where it drops in a world where you start with one petal of a flower and move forward in the world trying to revive the plains and the world around you with flowers. The controls in this game use the controller in a different way. You use to go in different directions by tilting your controller to the left or right to go in either direction. This is an interesting approach to the game, because it actually fits and makes sense in the way the game was made.

The graphics have a real style to them. It's amazing to look at sometimes from dead plains to living growing cities. The colours really give the game a whole lot of life.

The gameplay itself isn't really that deep, but it's really engaging. What i mean by this is that the simple function of giving life to everything around has a great effect on the surroundings. It's amazing how such a simple function can get addictive and fun at the same time.

There isn't really any story in this game. You get to see different plants as part of levels. Then you get dropped in and try to give the area new life. There is philisophical take on nature and life. The story is what you want it to be.

The audio is really engaging getting a tune for each petal of flower and having a deep dynamic music to the gameplay actually adds a lot to the gameplay. The music gives the whole game a new dimension with this great music and tunes.

The ending of this game is also something i haven't really seen in the gaming genre before. Where every petal in the last level is part of the production team. Everyone that had something to do with the production get their own petal of flower and has their name attached to it. This is something truly unique i haven't seen in a game this way.

+ Easy to pick up
+ Great tunes and music
+ Unique controls
+ Amazing graphical design