Flower: Become the Breeze Amazing graphics with an even tastier price tag.

User Rating: 8.5 | flower PS3
When you play Flower, it will be the most relaxing game you'll play. Another relaxing game is the original Spyro the Dragon with the colors, simplistic gameplay, great stages, and music. Flower for the PS3 is a PSN (PlayStation Network) download. It's basically a poetic adventure. This is beautiful with the scenery, the music, and the chimes. In fact, you use the PS3 Sixaxis controller to play it. You basically tilt the controller and have control over the breeze. To play you use your controller and make the breeze move the petals over each flower. The object of the game is to make all the flowers bloom by allowing the petals to go over the flowers. You'll never be able to play this on the 360 because it wouldn't be able to take the amazing graphics.

Tip: this game is recommended to play, especially when you are angry.