a very beautiful game, but that does not excite.

User Rating: 7 | flower PS3

Flower is a different game, it's a game that I do not usually play, but I decided to play it by being praised and also short, I say that Flower did not attract me as much as I played, it did not arouse me any reaction, is a game that does not challenge, you control the Wind that carries Petalas de Flores, we have 6 phases and these phases are and gray environments, as it were dead and thus we must make this world stay alive and clear, the game has no difficulty, you just have to carry the petals and so the world stays alive, the gameplay is simple, you just control the wind in the direction you want to go. the soundtrack is good, and the graphics are beautiful, it's a full plate for anyone who likes art games (he's Journey type, with the difference that Journey is a lot more challenging). Flower is an interesting game, but it is not recommended for everyone, since it is a game without challenges, without dialogs and nothing, but for those who like different experiences, it is worth checking, in less than 4 hours you can to clear the game. Note 73