Flower Review

User Rating: 9 | flower PS4

Beautiful. That is the word i use to describe Flower. The bliss of controlling your flower petals as you go through this environment is great and the little music chimes that play when you bloom a petal are oh so fun. speaking of the gameplay, Flower does a great job with the use of the motion controls in the dual-shock 4, and there were only few instances where my petals didn't move as i expected them to. It is crazy to think that this game can be played with a single button(x) but it works so well and is all that is needed.

The environments in Flower are gorgeous and the lighting and texture of everything really caught my eye, nothing feels better then moving gracefully through each of the dreams and bringing life, and color to a bleak and dead landscape, it is so satisfying. The soundtrack is also just as beautiful, with very soothing hymns and graceful melodies that really generated a certain mood within my like i was at peace.

Flower is pretty short and the 6 dreams can be completed in roughly 2 hours, but there is also a nice replay-ability factor to collect the secret flowers hidden in each level as well as the trophies you can collect. Although this game is very short it is well worth it to play through and experience this unique game. I have replayed numerous levels and enjoy every minute of it.