Flowers is a fresh new idea that is executed flawlessly with some of the most immersive gameplay you will play.

User Rating: 8 | flower PS3

Most people would look at a game like flowers and probably say that this game would not be for them, but if you look past it's exterior what you see is a game literally anybody could enjoy, sure it's so simple and some people might not even consider it a game, but it's an experience that will suck you in and take you for an enjoyable ride.

Presentation: This game look fantastic, for a last gen game it looks just perfect, maybe one of the best looking games of last gen. the soundtrack to this game is hypnotizing, it really makes you feel like you are this little petal floating through an enourmous world, it's nothing short of spectacular. It almost isn't really even the look of the graphics but yet the actual design of them that make this game come to life, the soundtrack and the graphics together don't make this a game, but a journey from where you can escape and thats what makes this game so great.

Gameplay: This game is probably not for everyone, if you are the type of gamer that has to have a game that needs to progress in a fast timed matter, then this is probably not your game, but if you are a gamer that just wants to unwind, this is definitely the game for you. The basic gameplay is simple, you are a petal going through the world collecting other flower petals to create more flowers, which in turn makes even more flowers to color the world around you, that's really all there is to this game and sure that may seem a little too simple for most people but the execution is what makes the game have a perfect flow to it, and also makes you want to just search throughout the world, rather then trying to move on and that's truly what makes the gameplay so special.

Flowers is a short game It's probably about a good three hours and that's it, but that's not really the point of it, the point to this game for me is what the journey is like and I can't honestly give a description for it, because I feel like other people will interpret it in other ways so what I'm really trying to say here is that everyone should experience this game and make it out for themselves.

Overall Flowers might be the type of game that isn't for everyone as I mentioned before, but to contradict myself it might actually also be it's a simple game that anyone could pick up and play, and also all it really feels like is a journey that anyone would enjoy and have fun with.