Might not be great as the console version, PS Vita version offers some of the best moments in gaming on a handheld.

User Rating: 8 | flower VITA

With Flower being released on the PS3 back in 2009 it recently got released for both the PS Vita and the PS4, however if you bought the PS3 version back then you can download the PS Vita or the PS4 version for Free with it being a Cross-Buy game. But if you've never heard of Flower you can easily purchase the game for £6.49 on the PSN store which is worth the purchase either way if you own either three of these consoles.

If you've played this on the PS3 there isn't else much to say about the PS Vita version and there isn't much say about Flower at all it has no story like evil taking over the world or you must go on a crazy adventure. No the whole game is set during our time which is the present day with global warming issues and other stuff being serious most of the time that you would see on television or internet these days.

Gameplay: There is no gameplay at all there are two options to playing Flower on the PS Vita either you can tilt your PS Vita and hold down either button such as Circle or Square to move the petals to steer; or you can use the Touch controls on the touch screen using your fingers to steer or increase the wind speed. The touch screen controls might be a little fiddly for some if you have big fingers or little fingers but for most gamers you might be better of using the Tilt controls which is a lot easier to control and a lot more fun to play on the PS Vita.

The idea behind Flower is to collect petals by steering a gust of wind through idyllic pastures. You guide the wind using the motion-sensitive controller and use any button to accelerate, which lets you take the game at your own pace. The more you pick up pastures they can lead you to the next part of the level or trying bringing life back to the environment. But there is no need to rush the game just to collect every pasture from every flower in each level as long you've enough at the end of each level.

Graphics and Sound: The best thing about this downloadable game is the graphics you just can't say no to the clear and most detailed levels throughout each of the seven levels in Flower. With each level having a different setting during day, night or evening sunset like the first level is set in an open field filled with flowers and trying to bring life back to a tree or another level where there is this city which is only in black and white but the more flowers you pick up you can really make the city colourful and alive again. Looking at this on the PS Vita look even more impressive on a smaller screen don't get me wrong the PS3 version looks great too looking at both comparisons look almost identical when it comes to Cross-Play.

Flower is endowed with absolutely top-class audio and visuals production. From a technical level, the game throws around thousands of individually modelled blades of grass. Each petal has a distinct audio cue, be it a string instrument or chorus song and creating beautiful waves of sound is probably the greatest incentive of perfecting your path through each level.

Overall: Yes you'll probably complete the game under a few hours but it's really a relaxing game if already own this on the PS3 or thinking about picking up the PS Vita version. There are trophies for Flower which are easy to get there is one saying take a 10 minute break between any levels from Flower or lighten a dark pool. But with this being released on the PS Vita you can easily play Flower almost anywhere from your own home or taking a bus journey or even during your lunch break at work if you wanted to. If you were specting some new features in the PS Vita you might be wrong on that one but still offers some of the best moments in gaming history.