Beautiful. Just beautiful.

User Rating: 8.5 | flower PS3
Flower is a magnificent game. Beautiful in it's simplicity, it subtly tells a story of evil industrialisation and pollution through the eyes of a flower petal floating on the wind.

You have control of this petal using winds, manoeuvring around your world by tilting the sixaxis. The purpose of the game is to 'activate' or 'revive' other flowers in the area simply by touching them. As you revive a certain number of flowers of the same colour, the previously black and white world will suddenly liven up with a beautiful visual effect, spreading vivid colours all around the place. You do this a number of times, until the entire area is alive, after which you complete the stage.

While this may seem very simple and boring, the beautiful visuals, innovative controls and soothing setting all make for an amazing, and immersive game. You'll want to go through the stage, soaring like a leaf on the wind, trying to find all the little flowers to activate just to see the stunning revival of the areas.

Graphically, this game is very simplistic. There isn't anything going on the background, textures later in the game aren't spectacular, but the colours are. In every stage, you enter a world of grey; everything is dead and colourless, with the exception of a few flowers scattered around the place. As you touch these flowers, the world will come to life, and bright, beautiful colours will fill the screen, making you really feel like you're revitalising nature.

I can easily recommend this game to anyone wanting to turn their brain off for a few hours to enjoy a magical world of flowers. The game is massively immersive and playing through a stage or two is one of the most soothing things I've ever tried.

It's beautiful.