Beautiful game, but short.

User Rating: 9 | flower PS3
It's a pretty and charming little game. If you take the concept on its own it looks a bit boring. In fact if you like games with a lot of action you might find it really boring, but I really enjoyed it. The graphic are nice the music is relaxing. In fact that game is really Zen if you want to find meditation or nirvana or something in games maybe you could with it.

You're pollen and you want to fertilize flowers. When you do you bring life back around you. That game remembers me the Zen Buddhism, everything seems pure. There is lot of emptiness, art and beauty through nature.

This game isn't all about entertainment in my opinion. This game brings emptiness in my mind. I'm not thinking about anything while playing there is only music and flowers.

It's not a very difficult game, but still, the difficulty change as you go through the game. In some level you have wind that forces you to go straight forward. In other, you have electricity that will burn you pollen if you touch it.

It's a nice game, beautiful visual and music, but it's really short 2-3 hours long game. A bit more if you go for the trophies but, it's a really short game and I'm happy I bought it half price on thanksgiving because I would have been disappointed to have pay the original price for that short.

Nice graphics
Nice music
For everybody