So beautiful, so relaxing.

User Rating: 9 | flower PS3
To be honest I really don't know what to say about Flower for PS3. This game is so strange and at the same time so addictive. I didn't know that this game could be so relaxing and beautiful. Flower is so much different from the other games.

You simply are a flower's petal and you have to save meadows by pollinating them. You only use the sixaxis controler by moving it.
The picture of many petals which fly together is so amazing. I said this game is strange because it takes you to the other world. Flower for PS3 really helps you forget about the nowadays life and problems. This title is so unreal and so beautiful that you really want to play it.

The graphics in the game is very good. All the flowers and the environment look so realistic. The petals when the sun shines are simply awesome.

The music is one of the bst things in this game because it's relaxing and makes you feel comfortable.

Flower is a game which helps you forget about the nowadays problems. This game tells us: Don't hurry, stop for a moment and look around. See the true beauty of our world. Also tells us: Life is precious and beautiful.