Very relaxing and peaceful but doesn't have a lot of depth.

User Rating: 8 | flOw PC
In fl0w,you'll begin as a small sea creature near the surface of the ocean and you will need to eat other organisms to go deeper into the ocean(which is the main aim of the game).Eating other creatures makes your creature evolve and become bigger and will give your creature a bigger mouth which makes it easier for your creature to eat/bite the other creatures.As you go deeper into the ocean,the creatures you'll encounter will become more dangerous and can bite your creature(which causes your creature to devolve).Just like how the real deep oceans are,as you go deeper into the ocean,the creature you'll encounter will look weird and the water will become darker.

You can direct where you want the creature to swim by using the cursor and clicking the mouth(and it's the same with you select which organisms/creatures to eat/attack).To make your creature move further into the ocean's depths,you'll need to eat specific organisms which are near red sonar waves.You can make your creature move upwards towards the surface by eating organisms that are near blue sonar waves.Near the surface is where the less dangerous and more of the non-dangerous lifeforms/creatures are and it's a safer way to evolve before you return to the ocean's depths.

The music is so relaxing.It's tranquil,peaceful and suits the feeling of life beginning in the ocean(since life did start in the ocean).You'll hear sounds that suit the under-water effects and it's peaceful and relaxing.

The gameplay doesn't have a lot of depth,I don't know if you can actually lose the game because my creature has been bitten many times and devolved but didn't die.The game isn't challenging but it's relaxing.

The game is relaxing,peaceful,unique and free.