A decent use of the motion controls of the PS3 controller; the idea is great, but SCEA came out with better games later.

User Rating: 6.5 | flOw PS3
flOw was a great look at how to use the motion capabilities of the PS3 controller. But the game itself isn't too great above and beyond that premise.

The idea is simple: you start out as a small life form, and must eat and evolve into other life forms. There are several different life forms to unlock (and a couple more with the expansion), each with a different special ability. But the reality is that every life form plays out much the same way: you just eat and try not to get eaten. Pretty simple really, and while it's fun at first, this doesn't last for too long.

You move through each environment by tilting the controller left and right and up and down. The controls are pretty responsive and I definitely had no quibbles there. The music is pretty laid back as well which supplements the idea of just relaxing and enjoying this game. The problem is there isn't too much stuff to look at. The environments are mostly shades of blue with mostly white creatures. Some of the creature designs are kind of cool, and it's neat to watch your creature grow as he eats more, but it just never really clicked for me beyond that. You can also play multiplayer with a friend, but that doesn't really change anything about the game at all.

This game was a good show piece for the motion capabilities of the controller, but the game itself just isn't too much fun. more recently they came out with Flower which is a much better game along the same lines and you should definitely pick up that game instead of this one! But, if you want to see where they began with this idea of more relaxing game experiences, then by all means give this game a go.