Pretty Lights and hypnotizing Graphics! I feel so relaxed....

User Rating: 8.9 | flOw PS3
Good: Gameplay is so Simple its addictive! All the pretty colors will make want to relax more then play. you can play this for hours when your bored!
Dam its an awesome game for people who want to just relax. but can anyone tell me what these things are? its Lik Katamari or Pacman only one thing cant die.
Bad:Short Game.well of course its just ment to relax and hypnotize your mind.Not really "Revolutionary" gameplay just more like Heart warming Graphics! No actual gameplay just use your sixaxis to move and eat and eat and eat until you turn into some Beautiful Carnivore.
Overall:If you think this game isnt worth it well its only $8! Its worth every Dollar!(or Cent)