Glowing watery weirdness using six-axis controls.

User Rating: 6 | flOw PS3
Flow is like Journey and Flower; there is no in-game explanation or instructions on what is happening or what to do. The best way to describe it is you are some type of water creature and you must eat food and other water creatures and make it to the end of the water levels.

There are several different creatures you will play as and your creature can grow as you swim along. It gains an array of tentacle like and fin like structures as well as glowing orbs.

I gave this game a mediocre score because it is not in depth unless you count deep sea swimming. It's very easy to be hypnotized by the game's colors and background but the game also gets boring very quickly. In addition to the game itself being a little difficult as far as game play goals, it's very difficult to control the creature with the six-axis, therefore I don't recommend this game to anyone with epilepsy, carpel tunnel syndrome, or bad elbows or shoulders.

The trophies for this game can be difficult to obtain and I'm not excited that there is a trophy that requires four players since not all people have four players and 4 controllers to play with them and there is no online play.

This is a game I suggest playing when you have nothing else to do.