Tranquility,spirituality and ambience by being a simple lifeform in the ocean.

User Rating: 8 | flOw PS3

Even though this game is free to play as a flash game,the PS3 version of fl0w is superior to the PC flash version because it has 3D effects when you travel deeper down in the ocean and it has more stunning visuals and trophies.

In the game you'll play as some sort of lifeform and you need to make it to the bottom of the ocean.You'll need to eat lifeforms that have a red color in them to move deeper down into the ocean and you can eat lifeforms that have a blue color inside them to move towards the surface of the ocean.Other creatures will attack you and you can bite them and eat pieces of them.When you eat other organisms floating around or bits of other creatures your creature will grow bigger and get a bigger move and can develop glowing lights on it to look spectacular.You can't die but the challenge in the game later comes when you're trying to eat the lifeforms that have the red color before the other lifeforms eat them and if they do you'll have to wait for another one to appear.

This game is spiritual for me because life did start in the ocean and seeing all these simple lifeforms make me think about how life on Earth was all those billions of years ago before those simple lifeforms evolved into more complex lifeforms and to eventually become humans.

The music is truly peaceful,I can listen to the fl0w soundtrack because it helps me sleep and relax,it helps relax my mind of negativity and makes me think about the beginning of life on Earth as simple lifeforms and how far life on earth has evolved.

The visuals do a good job of using lighter shades of blue(or red,green etc. when you're in different colored water)and when you go deeper the water becomes dark and you'll see bigger and more dangerous lifeforms that can damage your creature easily and if they damage your creature it will cause your creature to lose parts of it(the parts it gained through evolving).Also,the fact you're in other types of water besides blue water helps give the game a bit of an alien feel because the fact you can be in red or green water makes me think that perhaps you're on an alien planet.

The six axis control system isn't as easy to use as a mouse is for the PC version but in a way it's more fun because it feels like you're creature is really moving through the water unlike with the point and click control scheme of the PC version.

The game has some challenging trophies and multiplayer options for replay value.

Overall,the game is a wonderful,peaceful,spiritual experience that is worth experiencing.