So addictive!

User Rating: 9.5 | Flight Control IOS
This game is about navigating planes to the landing strip without crashing them into each other. You create the flight path by dragging a path from the plane to the strip with you finger. There are several air fields but they should've included some DLC for more airfields in my opinion - this option is not available :(

The concept is basic but it's very addictive.

Graphics = Simple and clean 9/10
Music = Good but only one track that doesn't repeat itself. 7.5/10
Learning Curve = Very easy to learn 10/10
Game play = Easy but your fingers may get stuck on the screen or not get detected for the cold or whatever - so that's a down side. 9/10

For a dollar, this game is worth it's money and is perfect to kill a few minutes when you're waiting for something. Though I bet you'll probably find yourself playing it more than you should!