Pretty cool game.

User Rating: 7.8 | FlatOut XBOX
Ah... Another game where you can smash the living hell out of things. That doesn't surprise me! FlatOut is an amazing car racing/demolition derby game where you can crash into things and make the driver fly right through the windsheild. It's quite an amusing game...especially the demolition derbies.

There isn't many courses or cars to choose from and you can't really get good paint for your cars. The cars are all from like the 1960`s. Why not let us crash up a $250,000 Lambourgini Diablo and maybe some 18 Wheelers,Vans, and trucks? I mean is that so much to ask?

The game is quite entertaining, and amusing when your guy goes face first into a tree. There are lots of cool modes you can participate in such as a "Darts" game,Kamikaze,Demolition Derbies,Normal Races and much more.
NOTE: The Kamikaze,Darts,and Derbies are a bonus legue so you don't get to select witch course you want.

The game has some soundtrack issues as I don't like any of it's songs so when I play I have to go get my iPod and listen to that. There should have been more modes though like Bomb Tag. The game has nice graphics and gameplay. But I don't hate this game. It's a blast to play with anyone or yourself!
I reccommend this game, but you may want to rent it first.