Us, PC gamers, don't have Burnout series. So we have FlatOut! Is it just as good? Find out in my review!

User Rating: 7 | FlatOut PC
AFter a long time, there's something new on PC. A totally new racing game, a derby game. Not NFS, not Test Drive, but FlatOut!

FlatOut's concept is great: messy tracks, messy cars with grat phsyics, agressive oppenents, and buncha' things to destroy! Sounds great, right?

I wish it was that great while playing, too. :/

The main problem with FlatOut is what makes it unique: the physics. Although it's always fun to crash, to send your driver out flying(ragdoll phsyics!), it gets annoying after a while. You crash into rubberwall, you cant get out, only if you press reset. You crash into wooden, press reset. You get knocked by your oppenent into the wooden fence.. press reset.

Everything's too heavy, and your car is too light.[FlatOut 2 fixed this issue. I have played it and reviewed it aswell. The driver doesnt fall out so easily anymore, and for example, you can easily mop a wooden fence, no need to reset] The oppenents are cheating(Catchup...when you're leading, they go faster than they should be to catch you up), and they are way to agressive. Also, the career mode gets boring after a while.

There are minigames, like high jump, you have to launch your guy out of the car and jump as high as possible. Yeah, fun, but nothing big.

Forget online gaming, only LAN. Thats a big minus(however with addon you can play multiplayer., but thats not made by BugBear).

Graphics are fine, and system requriements are low. Just the way it should be.

If you have PC only, and want some derby action, get FlatOut 2. If you LOVE FlatOut 2 and want more, get 1!