The best crashes for a ps2 game and is pretty fun

User Rating: 9 | FlatOut PS2
You will be having fun playing this game. Altough, the AI can be pretty stupid at times. The crashes will hurt your place in the race but the visuals will be a prize in the short term, but it does fill your boost bar a little. The jumps feel like your in smokey and the bandit or the duckes of Hazerd and you will have to drift around corners. Even though it is 2009 I am still enjoying playing this game. There are six mini games which have you luanching a guy out of the front window, and all of the games are fun in exeption of the long jump. There are also challenges including a figure eight and demalition derby's. If you crash really hard into something your driver will fly out of the vehicle unrealisicly and it is just rediculasly fun to look at. This is a fun arcade racer that will last you a long time.