This is my review of FlatOut for PC

User Rating: 6.5 | FlatOut PC
My first impressions on the game are that it has outstanding detail on both cars and tracks.The graphics are great but the tough and frustrating gameplay distracts the player from the high detail of the tracks and keeps him focused on somehow beating that car across the finish line.Anyone who has played it knows exactly what i am talking about.Even though the game is focused on car crashes and demolition derby type racing,that pretty much isnt the way to go.Crash once,and the opponents take away the lead-until you are back on the road they are miles ahead.Only way to win is to keep drving perfectly and keeping a safe distance from most obstacles.The car physics are great,but you have to take corners carefully,otherwise the slightest brush against any object on the road,even at the back of the car throws the driver through the windshield like he hasnt just bumped into a wall,but has hit a lamp post with 200 mph.High speed in this game isnt possible-accelerating is easy,especially with the help of the nitrous oxide,but there are always corners that require braking.So,basically thats what it takes to win-careful driving and less impacts,because one crash can totally ruin your race.
The car damage in this game is awesome.The details of the cars are unlike anything i have seen.Incredibly realistic-every part is functioning like it would in a real car.And the cars are not just one big piece that deforms,no,the parts fall off separately.Even though they damage easily and way too fast.Engine flames are very well done.
The game reminds me of "The Dukes of"Hazzard",especially the track Whatahoo town-Its exactly like in the Warner Bros. version.And there is even a ramp that you can use to get some big air,if you can just make it out of that corner with enough speed.
If you practice enough though,and manage to get the racing right,the game offers an incredible experience.The soundtrack isnt very fun to listen to,it usually doesnt add to the thrill of the race,and just gets in the way,or falls into the background.