Flat Out is simple and fun

User Rating: 9 | FlatOut XBOX
I have almost completed the last of the Gold races, and have found that even Flat Out will force you to drive smart rather than simply pin the gas and make every turn with ease. Because of the gradual increase in difficulty the game is easy to pick up, but you need to actually drive beginning in the silver round of races or you will find yourself falling way behind.

As for the mini games, I have found that the small races and demolition derbies are the most fun. The target and distance games are pretty cool, but are to repetitive to have lasting value.

Multiplayer is pretty much limited to split screen at this point in the original XBox's life, but it it still quite fun. When racing a friend, you tend to ignore the race and spend time trying to destroy each other's cars.

I would recommend this to anyone that enjoyed burnout but want's more off-road racing and more obstacles.