Not as good as Flatout 2, but still preety fun

User Rating: 6.5 | FlatOut XBOX
Since I'm used to flatout 2, other than this, Flatout 1 isn't like Flatout 2, it still has the same great destructive levels and all, but something doesn't feel right when I play. The cars have sloppy handling in my opinion, and the levels seem bland and empty. But it still has great physics, and stellar car accidents.

Not as good as number 2, but they're good enough for me. The cars are wonderfully detailed, and the enviroments are well designed too. You can't argue there, your cars also break apart in very cool ways, so when the race is over, your car won't look the same.

The music is terrible, they should have some custom music we should put it, and the sound effects are preety week too.

It gets old after awhile, but it offers lots of cool ragdoll mini games, where you launch your guy out of a car, but then again, that gets old too. So flatout is for destruction lovers, but get Flatout 2, it's better.