Do the creators have any imagination???

User Rating: 4.3 | FlatOut XBOX
I wanted flatout ever since I played the demo in Jan. I thought a demo derby/racing game with xbox live how could u lose. Then I saw that you could hilariously fling your driver in various "olympic" events. On 7/12 when it came out i drove over to EB games and bought it. I got home and played it and for the first for tracks it was great. After that the tracks started to look familiar because they use the same textures thought the game. The may be 40+ tracks but only about 4-5 designs. There where also susposed to be about 20 cars. As I progress though the game a relized that the cars also are very similar to each other. The mini game where fun for awhile but i quickly lost intrest. Sadly there are only 3 demolition derby tracks. But i had high hopes for them so later that night when i have long lost intrest in the single play i move on to xbox live. To my surprize there where 2 people on....... and sadly how could a blame them. I am going to trade the game in for about half of what I payed for it and consider it a lesson learned. This game has nothing new to offer after the first 4 races. The graphics wher average but definatly not living up to the xbox graphical reputaion. The sound was the same for all cars and not very belivably the first time you hear it. The main idea of the game is People Flying Though Windsheild = Funny and it is for about 10 min. Skip this one or rent it if you think people flying though windsheilds is that funny