a fun racing game

User Rating: 8.6 | FlatOut XBOX
a breath of fresh already used are if that makes any sense.......what i mean is flatout is a good game in a well used genre.....many games feature awesome crashing like burnout....but do they ever use the crashing to make mini games like in burnout you can't even come out of your car in this you can get run over by your own car! dosen't that sound great!

Mini games- as mini games go they are fun and funny, for example the one were you jump out of your car after going off a jump and seeing how high you can go and then splatting or getting stuck in the fence when it's over.... or you could just get in the worst accident you can... thats always fun

Racing- as racing goes there are much better racers but flatout is more intence then most of them and its pretty hard the racing is okay.... not top notch but still fun

I hope this review was helpful