Crashing cars!

User Rating: 7.5 | FlatOut PC
As a PC gamer I must say I'm very happy with FlatOut, it's totally different from Testdrive, NFS, ToCa or Colin McCrae. Now we also can have some 'Burnout' experience. Fast pace action, just plain and simple.

Race against 7 opponents at a time, drive 'm off the road and try to let them hit a tree or something to get to the first position. Too bad only they can catch up more quickly then you can, but you should be able to finish at least as number 6, because numbers 7 and 8 always drive slower and worse than the others. Though winning shouldn't be too hard at all, 'cause the game is clearly made to have fun, so the AI isn't that tough.

Besides racing on tracks you also can play some mini-games where you have to shoot your driver out of your car and see how high or far you can get him to fly, or to try and hit the bulls-eye of a huge dart-board. Cruel, but fun!

Graphics and sounds are great and the game runs smoothly with full options in 1600x1200 on my system.

For fast money to upgrade your car just go into a race and try to hit every object you see like tires, fences, pick nick-tables, soda-machines, boxes, road blocks and so on. Then just finish the race (presumably as last) en collect lots of cash! You'll make more then by winning the race. One time I managed to make about $6.340.00, while finishing as first would have brought me only a lousy $1500.00. Of course you'll need to win to unlock other tracks, cars and eventually to win the campaign.