Nothing like the former Flatouts, even the first one was a thousand times better than this one.

User Rating: 3 | FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction PC
Installed it and played for about 6 mins and i have had more than enough.

Theres nothing from the former games in the series like good physics, collision damage, rollovers etc.

The gfx downright stinks for a game released in 2011 and the gameplay itself arent even worth mentioning, its SO arcade not even a 6 yr old can take joy in it.

First it annoyed me that it wouldnt recognise the analog controllers on my PS1 dualshock controller (yes i use that on PC and it normally works great), but then i found out it doesnt really matter, because in this game which has been stripped from any little bit of realism in the physics, u only wanna do full turns or no turns and full braking of no braking.

Theres absolutely nothing left worth fiddling with, collisions are boring and the car doesnt take any damage (at least the monster truck doesnt) and it cant even rollover and land upside down etc.

I read something about they made it so it was more fast paced, yet i dont think it feels any faster than the former releases.

The driving experience in Toy Story 3 is more exciting than it is in Flatout 3.

So sad to say this, but i recommend u avoid this game, at least get to try it before u pay for it.