Total disaster a class "D" title on way to "del". I hoped for utter madness like FO-UC. Not

User Rating: 2 | FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction PC
Instead of a big surprise like "race games" almost always do, I found my self asking if I got the right title, it is very few bad games last few years at this AAA level scale, but this is one that proves even huge investments can go to waste. Unless some poor programmer won rights for the franchise and tried to milk on it fast.

I am guessing of course, the game itself is just done wrong, unlike previous title, shining example of fun precision driving sharp textures, here, effects are misery machine to say the least. Un-obvious sorted interface making you read what is written by side of it or you would not know what to think if it is kids play with some game creator software gone bad, or it is just the tip of the iceberg chilling your good mood to disaster.

Game has substance, and even stunts that can never get old in FO2 and ULTCARN, is plain dull. What to say. I never write reviews to drink blood off someones work even unsuccessful, but I see this as personal since I had a great fun period of life connected to FO UC, and now ... Nothing.