FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Win a multiplayer match. A taste of glory
    Win on a Speed track. Addicted to speed
    Win a Nightshift race. All night long
    Win a Big Battle Arena match. Bashing!
    Win all Big Battle Arenas. Berserker
    Win all Detroit races. Born in the USA
    Complete a challenge. Challenge accepted
    Complete 25 challenges. Challenger
    Play a multiplayer game. Connected
    Complete all challenges. Conquerer
    Win all normal Battle Arenas. Crash! Boom! Bang!
    Win all Utah Offroad races. Desert Strike
    Win all Monstertruck challenges. Devastator
    Win all Harbor races. Dock worker
    Finish a Nightshift race as loser. Don't give up!
    Win all Kansas Offroad races. Farmer's Fury
    Win all Speed tracks Faster & stronger
    Win all Outdoor races. Fresh air
    Win all Vienna races. From Vienna with love
    Win on a reversed track. Got it backwards
    Win an Industrial stunt. Hard as a rock
    Win a Golf stunt. Hole in one
    Win all Uranium Mine races. Mine!
    Win a Monstertruck challenge. Monsters!
    Win all Nightshift races. Nightrider
    Win a normal Battle Arena match. Smashing!
    Win all races. Streetracer
    Complete all stunts. Stunt double
    Win all Offroad races. Survival
    Win all Rome races. The Italian job
    Win a Nightmare stunt. To hell and back
    Be destroyed by a train. Trained
    Win a race. Warming up
    Drive into water. Wet wet wet

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Unlock Classic Cars Class

    To unlock Classic Cars Class by completing by Challenge Mode

    Win the 30 Challenge Mode Afterburner
    Win the 40 Challenge Mode Bonecracker
    Win the 10 Challenge Mode Bullet GT
    Win the 50 Challenge Mode Fortune
    Win the 20 Challenge Mode Mad Rash

    Contributed by: Anjasmara