this is easily the best demo derby game since the demolition racers made in the last 10 years

User Rating: 9.1 | FlatOut 2 XBOX
Last year we were surprised a great demo derby game with awesome physics, damage modeling and hilarious ragdoll games made by two companies known for not making great games. but ithis year they've made it even better they double the amount of cars, track, and most of all the fun. the most notable difference i would say is the overall feel of the game. instead of that rugged hill-billie look of the first they made is much cleaner with awesome new cars that are so much fun to crash up and race at the rediculous speeds of over 200 mph through cities littered with the remains of fallen racers.
the driving in this game kind of reminds me of the original burnout not for the fact that you can beat it in three hours, but because of how much fun it is to race throughout the entire game and almost never hit the brakes and also for the sheer amount of destruction around you as in the 3rd and 4th burnouts.
to round it up the game has great graphics for an xbox game, great physics, good sence of speed, very good frame rate and most of all, is a blast to play