A simple but seriously addictive game

User Rating: 9.3 | FizzBall PC
I saw fizzball recommended and thought I would give it a go. I was surprised how much fun it was!

The basic idea of the game is like arkanoid you move you train thingy (bat) along the bottom keeping your bubble bouncing around. However rather than trying to destroy the objects on the screen (which is still fun) you have to collect the animals on the level, you need to enlarge the bubble by eating smaller animals (and snacks) before you can absorb the rhinos and elephants dotted around.

As you'd expect there are a number of power ups and also a random selection of trophies which you can be awarded for different achievements. There are plenty of nice touches throughout the game, from the animations of the animals if you try and absorb them before your bubble is big enough, to the animal sanctuary with all you collected animals.

I found that once I started playing the game I couldn't put it down, I was late several times last week due to this game, with each level taking -3 minutes it's just too easy to say to yourself 'I'll just play one more level'. There's also a fair amount of replayability as each level is fun the second time around and there is the push to get all the trophies, though some of them just seem impossible!