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Howdily doodily, My Name is WolfCrafter. And today, we’re gonna be talking about Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. The NEWEST game in the FNAF Franchise.


Five Nights at Freddy's is a franchise originally made by Scott Cawthon. Starting off in 2014, FNAF spawned from the criticisms of Scott's previous game, "Chipper and Sons" which got bashed for a child's game having characters that looked like scary animatronics.

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I'd be surprised if no one hadn't come across Five Nights At Freddy's by now, or at least heard of it. These games are a huge success, becoming one of THE most popular games to ever exist, it’s up there in the trendy internet games like Slender: The Arrival, And Poppy’s Playtime.

Because of FNAF, tons of content creators just blew up upon playing the original game back in 2014. Most notably, Markiplier, and The Game Theorists/MatPat, with these specific creators just being there at the right time, FNAF helped them grow to the amount of popularity and subscribers their channels respectively have today.

Unlike the other canon games, Security Breach was made by a full team within that of “Steel Wool Studios”, who also collaborated with Scott Cawthon on FNAF VR: Help Wanted. :D

(some spoilers ahead)


FNAF is a weird one to talk about a plot for, as the original games didn't have one, sure there was the stuff with the purple guy in the form of the minigames within FNAF 2, 3, 4, and Sister location, all of which added to the lore and served to this franchises overarching plot,-

-But I’d argue that those games (and the first FNAF game) were nothing more than point-and-click survivals (Which I'll go into later on).

How is this game any different then? Where the original games had you sitting in an office till 6AM (in-game time obviously) for 5 nights, in this game, you're actually able to roam around, and even better, there's a story to behold (sort of).

"Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach" is about a little boy named Gregory, who gets locked inside of the "Freddy Fazbear Mega Pizzaplex" (a giant arcade/mall) at Night. As Gregory, we have to survive till 6AM while roaming around a huge building…

(Keep in mind that this game also takes place in the modern-day, and not in the 80s/90s like the originals)


Like I just Said, Security Breach breaks away from the regular formula, the stuff I just mentioned within the plot is actually proof of that.

Instead of it being 5 Nights (like the title itself implies), it's 1 LONG night with missions to do that help you progress. The time moves up each time you reach a certain area or complete a certain mission, compared to the first 4 games, in which again, you just had to survive while the seconds you've been surviving for climbs to 6AM.

you can't just sit there and wait either, you have to do almost everything to end the game while sneaking past other characters, who are all out to get you.

Who are these Characters? For The Enemies, You've got Glamrock Chica (a variant of the normal Chica), Roxanne Wolf, and Montgomery Gator (Roxy, and Monty For Short.), as well as the Security Guard "Vanessa". again, all of which are out to get you.

There's also Glamrock Freddy/Freddy Fazbear, a variant of the normal Freddy, unlike the previous games, he's isn't a bad guy here, he's incredibly likable and endearing.-

-Freddy helps us throughout the game, acting like that guy who gives you tips on where to go and how to get there, but he also acts as an ability.

See the game has this feature, for which you can hide in certain spots around the map, Freddy is also part of this (another play on old FNAF lore.). you can call him to you, and hide inside him while walking about for a certain amount of time, the other characters don't recognize you when you're inside Freddy, which is such a strange thing.

On one hand, the ability to get to places you can't without him is great (since Freddy was just another threat in previous games, this version of him breathes new life as it doesn’t feel like just another rehash of the same character.)

But on the other hand, there's a couple of parts of stupidity here, like if you get chased by someone and hide in Freddy, they'll instantly forget where you've gone even though you should be seen going inside him, Which I get is a feature, and the relieved feeling that comes from getting away from an animatronic is satisfying, but they're established as sophisticated-AI made to act like humans, and it just makes no sense as to why they instantly forget upon you getting in Freddy, especially since they can still find you in every other hiding space.

I think it would add to the satisfaction of getting past them and eventually completing a mission, since you could've failed so much more and finally passed everything.

There's also Gregory, Who's the main protagonist of the game. I sadly found Gregory to be unlikable, as he constantly complains about stuff, is rude to Freddy for what feels like no reason, and can just come across as annoying through certain actions he does. This is even worse when the game itself asks for us to sympathize with Gregory because at those points it's like "why should we care about him?".

Even Gregory’s own dialogue is awful, a lot of the stuff he says just doesn’t feel like something a nowadays kid would say. “I Don’t want to be crushed into a meat pretzel” ← actual line he says.

There are also Security Bots, which aren't big roles in the game. these are characters where you have to avoid getting in their line of sight, otherwise, they'll spawn in someone to your location who could potentially kill you.

  • My only issue is that Security bots are spawned almost everywhere in certain areas, sometimes for the sake of making the game more difficult. as Security Breach seems to think that being more difficult also means having more fun, but in return, this just makes the game harder to progress in an unfair way, so many times I walked through a door only to have a security bot right outside when I had no clue they'd be there. The thing is I wouldn't mind this by itself, but there are hardly any segments in this whole game where you can just walk without having something there to threaten you, and this just adds to that.


As for Vanny though (stop it you dirty mind!). She's the antagonist of the game who’s supposedly controlled by William Afton/The Purple Guy (a previous serial killer of FNAF lore), just like Afton, Vanny has been killing children, and she wants to add Gregory to that list.

The Vanny we were promised by the trailers and devs themselves is a letdown to what we ended up getting.

Remember that shot of the trailer where she's walking down a hallway with flickering red lights while she herself carries a knife before telling us to 'ssshh'?? Gone. Her appearing around the corner of a place while supposedly having William Afton controlling her mind with words? gone.

Vanny is supposed to be the big bad and yet because of the removed stuff like this, she’s no different than that of a regular enemy, She just shows up in a room that’s programmed for her to show up, just like Chica, Roxy, and Monty.

She gets worse treatment than those characters tbh, appearing at what feels like less than 5 times throughout the entirety of Security Breach and she's supposed to be the big bad guy! (this is a game that can be longer than 10 hours altogether).

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What I would have liked for Vanny is for her to be treated like Mr. X from Resident Evil, in which she’s roaming around the whole of the Pizzaplex actually looking for you until the game itself would require her to be present (thinking about it, if they did this, they could have included that hallway thing from the trailer in the final game)..

They even put this cool filter and sound effect up to let you know Vanny's in the same room as you, the picture itself gets more distorted and worse the closer she is (same with the sound). That part alone is so scary and great, I wanted more of that.

It’s such a shame as you can see the potential waiting to be unleashed each time Vanny’s on screen.

I love Vanny's walking animations and character design, both capture the feeling of a serial killer who's just lost it.

Other Gameplay Stuff:

Security Breach

Ok, so the AI for every character can be absolutely terrible.

There's a part in the game where Vanny is meant to slowly follow you during a segment where you have to get back to Freddy (who's on stage waiting for you to push a button), and I didn't know where Vanny caused the game didn't show me, so I hid. And This happened to me...

What I think is meant to happen here is Vanny needs to lift up the flap of the stroller. But when I exited, she shoulda killed me, but she didn't, and I woulda been fine had I run forwards.

Speaking of said gameplay segment though, it’s great overall, but there’s a part where the game intends for us to avoid security bots, for which are roaming around the floors, al while also avoiding a spotlight being controlled by Monty, but my main gator Monty is terrible at using the spotlight, as you can just stick to the left without hiding, and just sprint your way past everything.

There are cases of characters just walking in one spot. and characters walking patterns resetting, meaning instead of them doing a full loop, they just appear back where they spawned.

I found a glitch in which the hiding mechanic for Freddy didn't work, and caused me to have to restart the game to get that side of him working. Markiplier also found the same glitch on his live-stream/YouTube Let's Play Series.

Chica straight-up saw me get in a regular hiding space, ran towards me while looking me dead in the eye, got up close, and then just walked away back to where she was.

Oh, and the game itself doesn’t really give you enough time to complete every single mission before demanding you to end the game, but I found out about this glitch, in which if you go back to an area where you had to collect something as part of an objective for a previous mission, the game autosaves while putting you back to 5:15 am (which I’m guessing is the time I originally completed the mission at.)

The visuals look amazing when not played in visual mode... Yeah, let that rub in a sec... done? ok. DON'T PLAY THIS GAME ON HIGH SETTINGS (or visual mode if you’re on PS5), the textures themselves glitch out all over the place. And the frame rates drop through the roof even lower than that of the 30fps setting the visual mode has, everything looks so much better on the performance mode.

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Speaking of visuals btw, I have gotta say, I really love the designs of every map, sure you can complain about the way the lighting bounces off of everything in a game that supposedly has ray-tracing, but tell me while looking at some of the images here that you yourself, when you were a kid, wouldn't like being in a place like this, I know I would of as a child.

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Upon first glance, there are a lot of places in this game that weren't scary, but I think that's intentional, as we're introduced to the almost cartoonishly safe nature of the pizzaplex, before everything turns evil-like, so when we start seeing the dark sides of the pizza plex, it hits so much more.

there's some sort of magic in seeing something that's not supposed to be scary, and seeing it in a scary light, it's why a lot of the creepypasta's on kids shows/games work so well in my opinion, like Sonic The Hedgehog feels harmless and peaceful, but Sonic e.x.e doesn't cause of the fact we as the player are used to the kid-friendly version, it's the same thing here.

(Although, because of this having moments and areas which aren't scary, I would say this is the least scary FNAF game, which is weirdly saying a lot considering the original games had you sitting in an office doing nothing.)

This also applies to animatronics. They start off looking squeaky clean but get more of their paint scratched off as the game goes on, they even lose body parts (again, another play on the game's original formula, since FNAF 2 had withered versions of the FNAF 1 characters.)

it just made everything so fucking tense (especially when they mixed that in with the few places we explore underground.)

As for the jumpscares themselves, despite getting me a couple of times, they're pretty weak in my opinion, they just became more of an annoyance in the long run (especially with the save point issues I’ll mention later on).

From actually seeing the complaints I have, it's clear to me how unfinished this game is. I mean, there are whole gameplay parts that just didn't get put in,-

-Like supposedly being able to play as Vanny in certain sections of the game, which I think would've been a really interesting concept to explore.

There are whole gameplay AREAS that got cut, which led to one of the laziest things I've ever seen in gaming. Within one of the cut areas were 2 collectibles that are essential to not only 100%ing the game, but to getting one of the many endings, and the devs forgot to move them, which I think is really lazy.

But sadly, there's also story exposition for which gets cut as well, making certain stuff we hear later on in the game make no sense, like certain dialogue acts as if it was built up over time even though nothing of the sort was hinted at beforehand.

About that thing I mentioned earlier about missing one mission, so the game doesn’t give you enough time to complete everything, not talking about the whole survive till 6AM thing, it’s more about the game programming the time to move up a few missions too early than it should have. Not that I think this is a terribly bad thing. It just feels kind of faulty in the game structure.

The missions are also fun. (even the ones that act as filler).

Take this from someone who isn't a huge FNAF fan anymore when I say that I really liked this game and was never bored during my own playthrough, and I had trouble putting it down at certain parts. Security Breach is one of those games where you just boot it up and despite knowing its flaws, you know you’re gonna have a good time with it. Even if it is a buggy mess, when this game works, it’s great.

But At this point, I would say FNAF as a whole has moved into “Kids-First Horror” territory which is probably for the best (cause obviously kids love games about child-murder! xD) but to be honest with you, I don’t see this as a bad thing, yes it’s lacking a lot of the charm of the earlier games (with the tiny risks said games took being zero to none in this game here.), but when you consider that huge chunk of the audience enjoying FNAF is now mainly children, this is the right move to take.

"Security Breach provides enough creepy/unsettling to satisfy those playing. For Children, it's just unsettling enough to entertain an older child without causing nightmares. For adults, it's entertaining enough to keep you wanting more, you'll have trouble putting this down."

On another note, since this is the first triple-AAA FNAF game, there are a lot of assets that are borrowed from other games.

Such as Fallout, in which it just takes the pip-boy and calls it a "FazWatch", this is where you get to see your current mission logs, and a map of the whole floor level you're on, the map would also show where collectibles and locked areas are, if they added that part in yet. No joke, they haven't added in every icon in the game yet, apart from one that shows where Freddy is, which again is just lazy.

(also the actual FazWatch UI is very different from what we saw originally in the trailer, I like the original version more).

Borrowing assets from other games were the right choice to take here.

You can view security cameras from the FazWatch, allowing us to see where everybody is in the area. (another element from the FNAF formula with new life breathing in it greatly).

Small Love Letter To Fans:

Thinking of it, there are a few times in the game where you do a shortened version of the usual FNAF experience, like a couple of segments where you're stuck in an office and have to look at cameras to see who's near and who isn't, while also making sure to shut doors when someone’s close and managing your power supply in the process, just like the original games, if the power runs out, you lose.

I can appreciate that side of it as it's doing something new while also not alienating FNAF fans who are still in love with that side of the formula, and I personally respect that, like even I enjoyed those moments here.

Credit: u/bnoavia on Reddit
Credit: u/bnoavia on Reddit

There were even Easter Eggs filled around the whole game that just filled me with tiny bits of nostalgia and love. Like posters of the Original FNAF characters from FNAF 1 and 2. Or even references to FNAF Fan-Games, like The Joy of Creation’s Ignited Freddy appearing on the side of an arcade cabinet (as shown to the left). It makes no sense, but I love that it’s there. (side note: I recommend “The Joy of Creation: Story Mode”, it’s great.)

Sound Design:

The sound design is also incredible. Every FNAF Home release prior to Security Breach (excluding Help Wanted) all had a tighter budget, and the sound design for those games hasn’t aged that well (apart from FNAF 1).

But Security Breach just nails semi-realistic sounds, remember the original when you could hear Bonnie, Chica or Freddy walking up to your door like they had wet squishy bread stuck to their feet? That sound is gone

Instead, we’ve got metal clamping down against hard concrete constantly surrounding our ear, which makes the feeling of the animatronics being near, more intense and scarier (when they started running towards me, my heart was pacing, it’s great.) .

And When the animatronics eventually walk away, and we hear the sounds getting quieter, it’s just as relieving as finally releasing a shit in the toilet that you’ve been holding for the past 3 hours! (So really good)

Voice Actors:

The Voice Actors in this game did a superb job too. Most have voiced older FNAF characters, but they did such a great job that you can hardly tell.

Kellen Goff especially (Who was Funtime Freddy back in Sister Location). In this game, Kellen voices Glamrock Freddy, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a voice fit a character as much in any video game ever, he did such a great job here, you can hardly tell it’s him.

Same with Heather Masters (who also voices Circus Baby in Sister Location), she’s back in this game as Glamrock Chica, Roxy, and Vanny (seriously stop it you dirty mind!).

And as much as I don’t like the character this next person plays.

FNAF newcomer Marta Svetek (known for Battlefield 2042) was also great as Gregory, her voice brought some charm to the character, making Gregory bearable to listen to at least. He’s still a dick though

There’s another FNAF newcomer in that of Cameron Miller, who voices Monty, he did great as well.

Settings Are Stupid:

This may seem like a stretch, but I’ve gotta mention the settings in this game, they don’t all work properly either…

You wanna know what this game would look like with brightness all the way up?

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I had to turn up the Gamma to see what I was actually doing.

Subtitles are also pretty bad too, depending on how long a character’s line of dialogue is, the actual stuff they’re saying could run off-screen. Why not just make it so the subtitles just change mid-sentence? The state they were in was not good.

I guess this is all a nitpick, but I’m sorry, how can a game not even get the settings right? I've never seen this happen anywhere else

Dreadful Save Issues:

So I've complained a lot about progression I this review, here is why.

Security Breach has a terrible lack of autosaves, meaning that if you were to get to a certain place after travelling a long while and died when you got there, you'll be placed back to where you originally came from and would have to walk the whole way again,-

-or even if you die after just completing a mission, be prepared to do it again. (you’ll also lose every single thing that you might have collected along the way if you didn’t save beforehand.)

To combat the auto-saves lacking, this game has manual save stations which are spread around a lot throughout the Pizzaplex. And it’s the worst decision made of this game.

  • You have to hold down a button for 3 seconds to access said station's menus, it’s so long and monotonous. Meaning anything and anyone can still sneak up behind you and interrupt you from saving.
  • Only 1 save station is available after 6AM, they added that recently and a lot of people think this lowers the difficulty. I disagree, cause if you were to have completed a mission past 6AM, you still have to get back to the save station area and get to the save station itself while STILL avoiding not dying along the way. (Again meaning you'd have to do the whole thing again, even if it was an hour-long mission).
  • Sometimes the game intends for them to be inaccessible anyways, which just makes amazing moments almost unbearable due to how many times you'll go through it.

Yeah, it's annoying. A lot.


So with this bible all said. Can I recommend you seek out Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, strangely, I don't know how to answer that in a straight-out way.

Surprisingly, this game has been one of the most well-received Five Nights At Freddy's games by Critics., but by the FNAF fandom, it's been a mixed bag, people either hate it, think it's ok, or just plain out love it and I can see why for every single opinion.

I personally thought this game was a lot of fun, but it's so buggy, rushed, and unfair that it just makes the experience annoying at times, some segments are just a joke, and the glitches make what could be the best game of 2021, nearly unplayable at times.

Whether this game gets every bug I mentioned patched by the time this review is out, I genuinely don’t care. The State Security Breach released in was far from ok.

To Steel Wool and Scott’s credit though, I can see how much they loved making this, I just wish they noticed all the faults in between the things they decided to put in and how the game kinda falls over with the stuff they cut out.

(Just a quick note as well to Steel Wool and Scott. Before Releasing The Planned DLC. I REALLY think you should make sure the main game itself works, or at least don't make us pay a lot for the extra content when the main 39.99 USD priced game doesn't even work right.)

SO With That Said,

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is an over-ambitious, buggy, yet fun game. When it works, it hits HARD. It’s scary, fun, funny, and slightly heart-warming.

So when the game is mainly fixed, I would recommend playing it.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach gets a B+.

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Thanks to all of you for reading!

Have a great rest of your day, night, evening, morning, whatever time zone you live in! And goodbye!